Ramen Keisuke Lobster King ~ the most overrated, underwhelming dining experience ever


So I decided to give the much touted Ramen Keisuke Lobster King yesterday after hearing the multiple strong reviews from renowned food bloggers since it’s opening slightly over a month ago.

Unfortunately, the experience was nothing close to what they had described.

Having heard that long queues were expected, me and my ever willing eating partner Pari arrived at 540pm to join the already swelling ranks. We were pretty glad that we came early as a few minutes later the wait would have been even more excruciating.


It took a 45 minute wait before we were ushered into the joint, and the ordering system was relatively fuss free, since the menu wasn’t very comprehensive, which was fine by me. Like any ramen place, you could choose the richness of the soup, the hardness of the noodle and the type of condiments that you like. As always I went for the hero product, the vaunted Rich Soup Ramen, while Pari ordered the Clear Soup version to give us a bit of a variety.

The wait took only 10 minutes or so and we spent the time filling up with the free boiled eggs and beansprouts.IMG_6359.JPG

IMG_6360.JPGPersonally I had some serious concerns about the hygiene level of the beansprouts, since I am pretty certain that some customers would have unwittingly dipped their own chopsticks into the container.

The beansprouts had a overwhelmingly strong black peppery taste, so I stopped at one portion. The eggs, dipped in salt at the side, reminded me of Ichiran so I consumed 3 in total without any guilt.

That was about the best part of the meal as things started to go downhill.



The Rich Soup version had a thick, prawn like soup base but nothing out of the ordinary.

The biggest disappointment was the Clear Soup version, which was bland, with hardly any semblance of flavor. It felt like I was paying 5 times the price for something similar to the hawker centre noodle stalls. You couldn’t really tell that lobsters were used to cook the soup.

There was certainly no lobster in sight (where did the meat go if it was used to cook the soup?), and the only ingredients were a couple of dumplings, bamboo shoots, vegetables and slices of pork.

A good ramen requires a rich and thick soup base, with springy noodles. Keisuke Lobster King had neither.

Being a huge ramen fan, I was extremely disappointed. The experience also made me reaffirm that food bloggers in Singapore, quite simply, cannot be trusted, at least for most part. It’s no doubt that different people have different taste buds, but to say that this is one of the best ramen joints around and to highly recommend it to the readers is to me, simply unprofessional.

Ichiran and Ippudo still ranks as the best ramen I’ve ever had, while Miharu serves a excellent Sapporo version of the noodle as well.

If you are craving for soup cooked with crustaceans, do yourself a favor and go to Zion Road hawker center’s prawn noodle stall and save the time queuing , and the price you have to pay for this overrated fare.

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Address: 3C River Valley Road, #01-07 The Cannery, 179022

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6pm – 12am (local hawker stalls close earlier)

+Opens till late, for party goers who really need a bite irrespective of the taste

+Free flow of fresh eggs

-Unimpressive broth

-Lack of quality ingredients

Overall ~ 2 (Terrible)

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