Veganarie Review: A Vegan’s Dream in Bangkok


I’ve visited Bangkok for over 20 times in my life but each time I go there’s always a new experience to take home, be it a new shopping mall, a night market, or a food place that I’ve never been.

My latest visit to the Land of Smiles, with my trusted traveling partner Pari, led me to Veganarie cafe, a 100% vegan cafe / bakery that prides itself on being the “first and only Vegan bakery ,dessert and food in Bangkok.” That was a bold statement so I was really looking forward to tasting its food.

From the history of my posts so far you would expect me to come out with all guns blazing, adding another place to my already burgeoning list of the overrated.

Veganarie certainly wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

In fact, it was so good that I visited it twice on my 5 day trip.




IMG_6649.JPGBoth visits were at their Mercury Ville outlet, which had sweets and desserts only.  They have 2 other locations, Veganarie Concept, which offers a full menu (located at Benjasri Park), and a small counter at Emquartier (BTS Phrom Pong).

At the Mercury Ville outlet, besides cakes and bread, there were also waffles and organic ice cream.

As it was rather near to their closing hours, we decided to take out the Chocolate Gluten-Free Cake (135 baht) Red Velvet Cake (140 baht), and their latest creation, the Vegan Strawberry Milkshake (165 baht). IMG_6659.JPG


Despite being gluten-free / dairy free, the cake was surprisingly moist and the chocolate rich and creamy. You would have been forgiven if you took a blind test and assumed this was a typical chocolate cake from an established bakery. This is testament to the quality of the ingredients used and the creativity and skill of the bakers.


The red velvet cake was a bit different from the usual one in the sense that there’s no cream cheese, so the filling tasted very much like soy. Similarly, the cake itself was moist and soft. It might not be to the expectation of usual red velvet lovers but I see it as another wonderful version of this item.


The winner for the day, though, was the strawberry milkshake.

Made from organic soya milk blended with fresh strawberries and strawberry sorbet, this drink was an absolute delight in both taste and freshness. While milkshakes tend to be a bit heavy after a while, there was no hint of that feeling in this concoction. I concluded it was probably due to the lack of dairy ingredients that contributed to this cause.

My second visit was a proper sit-down affair, on a lazy Monday afternoon right after lunch. This time, we opted for their Signature Chocolate Fudge Cake (125 baht), and the drink I was craving for since our first visit, the Fudge Brownie Frappe (165 baht).


The Fudge Cake was slightly creamier and more moist compared to the Chocolate Gluten-Free Cake, and tasted very much like Lana’s Chocolate Cake back home in Singapore, with a hint of soy.

IMG_6722.JPGAdd that with the Fudge Brownie Frappe and you have the ultimate sinful combination of chocolate madness.

The Frappe had a slight bitter chocolaty taste, and everything you would expect from a cacao milkshake minus the calories.

The beauty this place is that guilt levels are significantly lower with their dairy-free and other healthy ingredients, so it allowed us to indulge a bit more.

That led us to adding on another order, the Banofee Waffle (165 baht, small), a somewhat fortuitous discovery since we wanted to get the Banofee Pie which was (fortunately in this case) sold out.



I expected the waffles to be dry since the ingredients used were different from the typical waffle but they were nothing but that.

Crisp yet chewy, the waffles were the perfect compliment for the scoop of ice cream that you could choose to go with it. We went with Thai Ice Tea, a no-brainer since both of us are massive fans of the drink itself. My only complaint was 2 scoops of ice cream would have been nice, but I guess I’m just being greedy.

It’s safe to say that Veganarie was our find of our trip. There’s always something you would miss once you are back home and this place has certainly made that list. Vegan / clean eating has never been high on my books but this bakery has done wonders to this concept and has changed my mind.

Who says Vegan isn’t tasty? Do yourself a big favor and eat clean once in a while.


Veganarie Bangkok

Address: Mercury Ville 4th floor, 540 Ploenchit Rd (beside Chitlom BTS station)

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 9pm

+Redefines meaning of eating clean and healthy

+Excellent, high quality pastries, each presented wonderfully

+Dairy / gluten / cholesterol / egg-free concept allows you to indulge without feeling guilty

+Wide variety of options on the menu

-Slightly pricey

Overall ~ 9 (Amazing)

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