Day 9: Kate’s Berry Farm, Freycinet and Binalong Bay


Day 9 was “driving day”, moving northwards from Tasman Peninsula. We didn’t expect a lot of sights on this day but we did encounter some nice moments on this leg.

Our first stop was Kate’s Berry Farm, well known for its cafe selling fruit jams, pastries and other desserts.


IMG_0755.JPGWhile the food turned up to be okay, this place was too touristy for my liking. Perhaps we came at the wrong time since it was the off season for berries. Prices were on the high end as well.

Following the morning snack we pushed on towards Freycinet Marine Park, where we were looking forward to having freshly shucked oysters. Oyster farms are plentiful in Tasmania because of its location, but we chose Freycinet ahead of other places like Barilla Bay mostly due to the affordable price.



Sad to say we expected more, since this place was highly recommended by many. It wasn’t bad, but certainly not the best or the freshest I’ve ever come across (Borough market in London tops this by a mile). There’s a farm tour too I believe, for a fee for those who are interested.

One of the unexpected finds of the trip was Bicheno Blowhole we visited enroute to Binalong Bay. Originally we meant it as a toilet stop, but it turned out to be far more interesting than that.



We literally could feel the wind sweeping us off our feet into the rough seas. The pictures certainly don’t do justice to the immense power of the waves crashing onto the rocks.


If you are feeling peckish along the road, a wonderful bakery is just around the area. Blue Edge Bakery was probably the best bakery we found during the trip, serving pies and other kinds of pastries and desserts to fill you up on your road trip.


The stop for the night was St Helen’s, a sleepy town with a little more than a small supermarket and some shops. We checked in first before departing to our final highlight of the day, Binalong Bay.

Settler’s Cottage was the perfect stop for us being immaculately clean, cosy and close to the town of St Helen. With its location it also ensured we didn’t need to travel far to our next destination the following day.




The house was huge and perfect for a family of 4.

Our final sight of the day was Binalong Bay, known for its orange tinted rocks and boulders, caused by a certain type of lichen. This natural phenomena makes your photos instantly Instagram-worthy.


IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0807.JPG


We were lucky enough to see a rainbow as well!

Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires are known to have the best beaches in the world. For the beach lovers (in warmer months obviously), you shouldn’t miss it. Otherwise, it’s also worth a drive to see nature at its finest.

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