Day 10: Tasmania fresh milk, Launceston penguin viewing


One of the reasons why we chose St Helen as a rest stop for the night was its proximity to the sights we wanted to see the next day.

Pyengana Dairy Farm was one of the places I looked forward to, having heard plenty of good things regarding the freshest of its produce. Located just a mere 25 km away from our accommodation the night before, we reached the farm bright and early, when the cows were being milked.





If you are a fan of milk, you shouldn’t leave without purchasing a bottle of its fresh milk (you can find it in supermarkets as well). It’s certainly one of the best milk I’ve had. The milkshakes though were disappointing.

A short 4km away was a pretty waterfall, St Columba Falls. It’s a pleasant ten minute walk from the carpark to the falls, making it suitable for all ages.



Once we finished the mandatory selfies, it was a long drive to Launceston, otherwise known as the second city of Tasmania. We dropped by at the town of Scottsdale for a lunch break, where we took out the famous dish of Tasmania, the curried scallop pie. IMG_0842.JPG

I absolutely love bakeries and it’s a must to visit and try the pastries whenever I am abroad.


The city of Launceston reminded me somewhat of Akureyri in Iceland, a nice little town for those that lived away from the capital city. There’s plenty in terms of food options – from classic Aussie to Asian, making it a great spot to recover from the road trip.

We managed to secure a cute little art apartment 5 minutes drive outside Launceston, ( The amazing decor of the apartment would serve as an inspiration to my future home!




Once we settled down, we had a quick dinner in a Korean restaurant in Launceston before moving to one of the things I was looking forward to the most, penguin watching.

Originally I had planned to do this in Philip Island, but after reading several reviews online,  I decided to go with this one in Tasmania, Low Head Penguin Tours, having read that it was not only cheaper but also less commercialized and more personalized.

Unfortunately, of all days it had to rain and as a result within 10 minutes of the tour, the entire thing had to be called of. The weather was kind to us throughout except for this one day, but i guess somewhere the luck had to run out.

We did though, catch some glimpses of the penguins coming in to shore.


In case you can’t see it, it’s the white dot at the centre of the photo. Basically no flash photography is allowed so you have to rely on the special torches of the guides to give you any remote hope of taking any pictures.

Despite the short time, it was quite an experience to see the penguins waddling in. If you do go, remember to dress warmly! Don’t underestimate the wind coming from the sea, dress like it is 0 degrees and you will enjoy the tour for sure. Expect to be out in the freezing cold for at least an hour or more if the weather is good!

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