Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin


I believe the Talat Rot Fai Srinarakin was the original train market (though not the original location), so after we visited the Ratchada version we felt we had to explore this one to see if it was better, despite the fact it was much further away.

Located near Seacon Square, it took us almost an hour to reach from our hotel, Novotel Ploenchit. Originally we went for Uber, but after the driver couldn’t find us (and unfairly charged us a no-show fee, which I fortunately got a refund), we took a cab. Most cabs probably won’t want to send you there due to the long distance so we were fortunate to find a nice driver who did – funny thing was he sent us to Siam Square but probably my pronunciation of Seacon Square wasn’t succinct enough.

Nonetheless, instead of dumping us off he graciously drove us to the market. Great guy!




Similar to Ratchada, the entrance consisted of mostly drinking places, live bands and such. You are almost forced to walk past all these shops at the beginning due to the layout of the market.



Once you cleared this part, the street opens up the two rows of food stalls selling noodles, fruit juices, and even fancy dessert like French crepes.

Moving further into the main entrance of the market, a whole new world opens up. The market turned out to be way bigger than we had imagined.




The great thing about this market was we hardly saw any tourists around – for a moment we felt like a local ourselves, totally immersed into their lifestyle. Prices were decent as all, for most part.


The layout of the market was just like the Ratchada version, making shopping and navigation easy.

I think the main reason to visit is to have the opportunity to view vintage (albeit man-made) decor, cars and other quirky architecture, and to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.




I guess if you love classic cars, this is the place for you.





Walking in Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin felt like being transported to another world, especially once you enter the part with the vintage decor. It was like a museum in the market, giving visitors plenty of opportunity for a great photo.

We came mostly for the food and while the market was huge and had decent variety, we didn’t come across any “must-eat” places. It’s probably okay to come after a light dinner and you can choose a few stalls for some post-dinner snacks.

It’s unlikely we will visit again, with the Ratchada version better despite the smaller size. However, for a first timer, go especially if you are into places with higher local concentration, or if you enjoy vintage stuff.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Market

Address: Soi Srinakarin 51, Srinakarin Rd (take a taxi / Uber direct, otherwise to Udom Suk BTS and take a taxi / Uber from there)

Opening Hours: Thu-Sun 5pm – 1am 

+Amazing vintage decoration and displays

+Catered for locals

-Long travel

-Food options are good, but not great

Overall ~ 7 (Good)


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