Som Tam Nua – Delightful and affordable Isaan food


Som Tam Nua is an establishment well know among locals and tourists. Located at Siam Square Soi 5 with another outlet at Siam Discovery Centre, this is a place where you can get your Som Tam (papaya salad) fix while enjoying the other Isaan-style dishes on its simple menu at an affordable price.


While we were there, we endured a 45 minute wait, though that was the first time we waited for so long, being regular patrons of this place during our yearly visits to Bangkok. They seemed to have implemented a system whereby you are only seated when the food is ready, so don’t be alarmed when you see a ton of empty seats inside.

IMG 11.jpg

They have a wide variety of Som Tam, but we always go for the Salted Egg version.

IMG 9.jpg

The Northern-Style spicy soup is their rendition of the Thai Tom Yum Goong, minus the seafood. It has a sour and spicy kick, but I prefer the typical Seafood Tom Yum.

IMG 10.jpg

The fried chicken is one of their best items, with a garlicky, crispy coating, and not extremely greasy, making this a perfect side dish.

For about 3 dishes and drinks, you can expect to pay in a region of 400-500 baht in total.

Som Tam Nua is a great spot if you want to enjoy Isaan food at a good price. While becoming increasingly full of tourists, its simple menu and good quality means that it’s a place you shouldn’t miss if you are in the Siam area.

Som Tam Nua



Opening Hours: Daily 10:45am – 9:30pm

+Affordable and tasty Isaan food

+One of the best Som Tam in Bangkok

+Central location

-Can get crowded

-Limited menu outside its Som Tam variants

Overall ~ 7.5 (Good)


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