What to Eat in Penang – Day 4


Our final day in Penang was spent mostly at Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon, picking up some basic necessities. Gurney Plaza is one of the bigger malls in Penang and well worth your time.
You will probably need at least one day to fully cover all the stores in this mall and more if you plan to do the same for its pricier neighbor, Gurney Paragon.

As always we took the opportunity to grab a bite whenever we could.




I’ve always wanted to try Godiva’s soft serve and since it was cheaper in Penang there wasn’t a need to hesitate any longer. I guess it’s something you might want to do once in your life just to get it out of the way, but I wouldn’t say I’ll come back for it anytime soon.

We happened to find Taiwan Original Cake in Gurney Plaza and were intrigued by the massive queues formed. With our curiosity piqued we decided to give it a shot.


Again, we weren’t impressed.

I would say, go for the chocolate version, or otherwise give it a miss since it wasn’t that great to warrant a queue. The fluffiness of the cake was commendable, but the lack of flavors thereof made me question the rational of queuing for it. Certainly not worth the wait.

Gurney’s most well known landmark though was not Gurney Plaza but its open air food centre, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be probably the worst food experience we had in Penang.






IMG_1942.JPGThe food was nowhere close to what we had eaten throughout the trip, with the saving grace being the quite excellent barbecued squid. Other that that, Gurney Hawker Centre has pretty much evolved into a place frequented by tourists only, with locals shunning it for the higher prices and less than decent taste. This was confirmed by our Uber driver who suggested that Gurney was nothing more than a tourist spot these days.

Not satisfied with the mediocre meal, we moved to Lebuh Kimberly, around a 15 minute drive away, to hopefully end our trip on a high note.



We weren’t disappointed as the street itself had a wide variety of food to choose from. The most well known stall in Lebuh Kimberly is probably the excellent Duck Kway Chap.

I also highly recommend the dessert stall just opposite, which served a very tasty almond soup. Probably the only other almond soup that is as good as this is located at New Lane Hawker which unfortunately was closed during my latest visit.



I was glad that for this trip we managed to explore new places to eat and while many were more misses, we encountered some delightful gems that we would definitely go back to again in our next time here.


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