5 things you SHOULD NOT do in Penang


For my final post on Penang, I’ll touch on 5 things that you should not do in Penang! With these tips I hope you will have a better time in this jewel of Malaysia. 

  1. Don’t take the taxis

    I’ve taken plenty of taxis when I’m overseas and while certainly not the worst (Phuket ranks as number 1 for the biggest rip off in the history of taxis), your transport expenses will likely rack up quickly if you are constantly hailing the “metered” taxis on the street. These guys, for the record, will not turn on the meter and will instead quote you a fixed fee for likely 3-4 times more if the meter was turned on. Fortunately, with Grab and Uber, you can save a hell lot of money, ride in more comfort, and trust that you won’t be scammed each time you board your ride. Even better, there are always promo codes lurking around so make sure you check the prevailing promotions and you might find yourself enjoying free rides from time to time!

  2. Don’t visit Batu FerringhiIMG_1915.JPG

    The once popular night market in Batu Ferringhi has now become a shadow of its former self, the result of tourism causing the influx of stalls selling knock offs for exorbitant prices. You likely won’t find anything worth buying here – even if you did, the insane prices quoted would make turn your back away in an instant.

  3. Don’t visit Gurney Drive Hawker CentreIMG_1923.JPG

    Gurney Drive Hawker Centre is another example of what happens when the tourist dollar takes over. You hardly can find anything decent, and the prices are higher than what you would pay for similar and much better fare elsewhere. Don’t let this be the place to introduce you to Penang food.

  4. Don’t accept the first price quoted

    The vendors expect you to bargain, so don’t be afraid to propose a discount, more so in the tourist hot spots. We managed to secure a 50% discount more often than once, with the tried and tested “walk away till the stall owner calls you back” trick.

  5. Don’t eat too much (in one place)

    With such a plethora of food. you’ll be spoilt for choice. Don’t make the mistake of stuffing yourself in one place – eat a little at a time because a better place is always around the corner. Happy eating and enjoy your stay!


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