Izu Itinerary


Izu is an excellent place to spend a weekend outside of Tokyo. Located near Atami and Ito, it boasts scenery that you would not expect so near Tokyo, and there are a fair number of things to do in this area.

Together with Pari, we took the weekend to explore Izu so I’ll share my itinerary in this post.  My map is also shared below for your convenience !

How to go to Izu

There are several ways to get to Izu, but a fast and cheap way (there are cheaper options that would take a longer time) is to take the Limited Express Romance Car from Shinjuku station to Odawara, then transfer to Atami station via the local train. The first leg is about 1,770 yen and the local fare shouldn’t go above 500 yen. The total journey will take around 90 minutes. Be sure to book the Romance Car tickets beforehand, and all you need to do is to board the train directly without having to collect the tickets!

Day 1: Atami Station -> Shiofuki Park -> Mount Omuro -> Jogasaki Coast -> いがいが根 -> Hashidate Tsuribashi

We arrived at 1007am at Atami station having taken the 820am train. The first thing we did was to collect our rental car at Nippon car rental. We could also have rented the car from Odawara station which would have resulted in a longer drive, but both ways are fine I suppose depending on personal preference (if you have more people in your party I would recommend renting from Odawara)

I’ve rented from Nippon car rental for a couple of times already and they have yet to let me down. Prices are the cheapest having compared other car rental agencies. Do remember to check their discount codes on their website before booking, and don’t forget your international driving licence as well.

Our first stop after lunch was Shiofuki Park, which isn’t really much of a park but more a short climb uphill to view the coastline.

Next, we went to Mount Omuro to take the rope way but unfortunately it was so foggy we could not see anything along the way.

We could barely see anything ahead of us, but added to the intrigue since we weren’t sure whether our next step would take us off the cliff.

In my imagination Heaven would look something like this.

The rope way prices were decent, at 500 yen per person for a round trip.

Next up was one of the highlights of our trip, Jogasaki coast, which is known for a suspension bridge overlooking the ocean below your feet.

Sadly, we didn’t fancy paying 500 yen for the parking (first 15 minutes free) so we rushed through without taking many pictures. If you do visit, you can park nearer to the suspension bridge (near the carpark exit) to shorten the walk to it, or find some random spot outside of the official parking area.

Our next stop was a quite little spot called いがいが (there’s no English name so just copy and paste this to find it on Google maps)

It’s a quiet place that locals visit, and from the carpark it’s an easy 7 minute walk down a dirt path.

It’s a place where you can go close to the edge of the cliff, so be really careful.

There’s actually another lesser known suspension bridge other than Jogasaki, so we decided to make that our final stop (Hashidate Tsubarashi)

Before the bridge there’s a nice waterfall so if you’re like me, obsessed with cascading water, this should interest you.

The suspension bridge is about a ten minute walk from the waterfall. Here’s what you can see on the bridge.

Food options were rather limited, but we found a nice restaurant chain serving Izu local specialities.

It shouldn’t cost more than 70USD for two persons, especially without alcohol.

網元料理徳造丸 本店


Stay tuned for Day 2!

Map of Ito

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