ANA Business Class Review Tokyo to Yangon

In my recent trip to Yangon, I took the ANA Business Class from Narita to Yangon, a 7 hour direct flight.

One of the obvious benefits of Business Class is that you can use the lounge at the airport, and the ANA lounge I went to had a decent array of light bites and even noodles for something heavier.

There’s also a sake bar, which I felt was quite unique. I didn’t manage to visit it this time though.

The plane was a Boeing 767-300, probably one of the oldest in ANA’s fleet.

Seat configuration was an odd 2-1-2 format, where the centre seats are in the middle of the plane and the window and aisle seats joined together. That meant that if you were reclining, the window side passenger would have to step over your extended legs, posing a slightly challenge if the cabin lights were dimmed.

It’s quite clear that this plane was seen its fair share of mileage, with the seats looking fairly worn. The inflight TV screen size was nothing to shout about too.

Seat width was unusually small for business class, probably no surprise since this was one of the older planes.

As for entertainment, I’ve taken ANA several times before so I was already aware that the movies and music on board would be limited. If you are a non-Japanese like me, I would suggest packing your own entertainment for longer flights.

They have quite an extensive drink list, and though I’m no wine connoisseur, I don’t think many will be disappointed by what they have to offer.

ANA is known for their impeccable service and while nothing was missing for this trip, I was slightly disappointed by the food and its presentation.

I expected my main course to be on a plate, rather than the typical packaged format in a Economy class, even though the box was clearly of better quality.

The nice touch about ANA is that you can opt for a snack anytime, ranging from light bites like nuts to something heavier like Ippudo ramen or udon. For something sweet, ice cream is always available.

Perhaps as Yangon becomes more developed, ANA would upgrade the plane used on this route to make this journey much more enjoyable.

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