ANA Business Class Review Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda

I was very excited for my ANA (All Nippon Airways) return flight to Tokyo from Bangkok, knowing that I would be on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, one of the best planes that the carrier had to offer.

Certainly, ANA airlines didn’t disappoint.

It was a far cry from my Tokyo to Yangon experience, which you can read here.

As always the lounge was where I started first and having reached Suvarnabhumi Airport 2 hours before my flight I had plenty of time to kill.

There are no short of lounges for you to choose from, Royal Silk (Star Alliance) or Mirage, but I would suggest going for the Royal Silk ones as they seem to be more spacious, with restrooms inside. Furthermore, Priority Pass holders are not allowed to use this lounge, making it more exclusive.

The food selection was pretty average, with some hot dishes, sandwiches, cereal, and desserts. The almond brownie was surprisingly delicious though and I finished it before I had a chance to take a photo.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to the flight was because of the plane’s unique 1-2-1 configuration, with your own side table, giving you plenty of space and some privacy.

The seat is pretty spacious, with the seat pitch at roughly 46cm (according to iPhone’s latest app, Measure-a wonderful innovation). I wouldn’t say it’s great, but for someone 1.75 metres tall and 74 kilograms, it’s more than sufficient.

There’s no storage compartment, and probably unnecessary since there’s a side table next to you where you can place your belongings. Including the side table, the total space of each seat is around 94 cm, slightly less than a metre. Also, every passenger has their own luggage compartment, extremely generous I would say.

There’s also a space to place your shoes, so your leg space isn’t compromised. From a seating to a half reclined position, my feet did not even touch the maximum amount of leg space given.

TV screen measures at 40cm, with touch screen enabled, though I think the remote control will be used most of the time due to the distance between you and the screen.

Should you wish to take a nap, you will be pleased to know that the seat is able to recline to become a fully flat bed. You are also provided with a futon-like mattress which you can place over your seat to increase the comfort of your sleep.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. Firstly, when fully reclined, the space for your legs to manoeuvre is reduced. You will find that your legs will not be able to freely move, though it didn’t bother me that much. Also, those who are taller may find the seat less comfortable in a fully reclined position.

The food was a far improved experience compared to my previous time I flew on ANA’s Business Class.

As usual you get the choice of 3 main courses, Japanese or International, with the latter having one additional option to choose from. I went for the International option.

I wouldn’t say the food was outstanding, but I enjoyed the small touches like olive oil for the bread, and the impeccable presentation of the food.

By the end of the meal, I was absolutely stuffed.

And if for whatsoever reason you are not, fret not because two hours later the crew will go around asking if you would like a light snack.

To my amazement, based on my count about 30% opted for ramen, but I passed on everything as I was still feeling the after effects of the heavy meal.

ANA’s 787 Dreamliner experience did not disappoint. I definitely think ANA is one of the best airlines fly with, though they are still behind Singapore Airlines on many counts, especially in terms of the food selection and entertainment. The service, though, is as good, if not better than Singapore Airlines.

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