Hakone Autumn Itinerary Day 2 & 3

The next morning we visited Lake Motosu which was just next to our hotel, Motosu View. We couldn’t see Mount Fuji due to the clouds but we had already seen our fill the previous day so we weren’t too disappointed.

Next, we went to Asagiri Food Park, a collection of shops selling different kinds of Japanese food like fresh milk, sweet potato, ice cream and even sake. A decent place to spend an hour or so.

We made a short stop at Lake Tanuki, a man-made lake which had plenty of fishermen around. We saw some jumbo fishes being caught, quite a sight.

Just before lunch, we headed to Shiraito Falls, a really beautiful falls that looked much better in real life than in photos. Otodome falls is just nearby so if you are there you should take a look too.

To get a better look at Otodome falls, you can pop by the cafe nearby to enjoy some sweets while admiring the gushing falls. The Matcha soft serve is worth the price.

As always, you can save some money by parking somewhere else other than the public parking which costs 500 yen. We parked at the convenience store carpark, though I think they have a time limit.

The last half of the day was spent at Gotemba Premium Outlets, a massive disappointment as most of the stuff were overpriced. Mitsui Outlets are definitely better and Gotemba I think is targeted at tourists, hence the higher prices.

We spent Day 3 first visiting Sengokuhara Susuki grass fields. There’s not much to see and parking is a real pain but you can park at the Lawson’s nearby for a short time. Google maps may direct you wrongly so just enter “Lawson’s Hakonesengoku” to find your way.

Our next stop was Owakudani, a volcanic area where you can take the Hakone rope way to either take a closer look at the smouldering boulders or to see Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji, weather permitting. I recommend the latter, since I took and chose the volcanic area, which didn’t have much to see.

After Owakudani, we went to Hakone-en Aquarium, a small aquarium that featured the seals as their main attraction. The seal shows are worth going for. You can check the website to see the showtimes.

Our final stop before we dropped off our car and took the train back to Shinjuku was Hakone shrine, which I’m sure have appeared on many people’s Instagram feeds. You’ll probably have to queue to take a picture, we didn’t so we took one from afar.

Hakone is a nice stop if you want to stay a few days outside Tokyo, but I think it’s a bit touristy. The main highlights for me was Shiraito Falls and Otodome Falls, but if you haven’t seen Mount Fuji before and don’t plan to climb it, a trip to the Fuji 5 Lakes and the Hakone area would be the next best option.

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