Tokyo Turkish Food

A couple of days ago I decided to try out Bosphorous Hasan, known for its authentic Turkish food. Located in Shinjuku, I went during lunch to review its affordable lunch sets.

It was the first time I tried Turkish food so I was slightly nervous but seeing the crowd gave me assurance that the restaurant was going to be more than decent.

When I went, they only had two sets available, Tavuk Haslama (Chicken and vegetable tomato stew) and Iskender Kebab (Beef kebab with Tomato and Yoghurt sauce).

Each set came with soup of the day, free flow Turkish bread, salad, dessert and tea.

The ala carte menu was very comprehensive as well.

I loved the Turkish bread, served hot, the perfect complement to the soup and stew, or to wrap around the kebab.

Strangely, the tomato chicken stew had no tomato. The portion was also disappointingly small, but the taste more than made up for it. The chicken was really tender, while the sauce was warming to the soul. I just wished the portion was bigger.

The kebabs were nicely cooked, not dry, and the tomato and yoghurt sauce gave it a tangy zing to each bite.

Dessert and tea was a good end to a hearty meal.

Bosphorous Hasan was the first time I tried Turkish food, so I didn’t really have a standard to benchmark. However, i would certainly go again, to try the other items on the menu the next time.

Opening Hours: Daily 1130am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 1130pm

+Affordable and value for money lunch sets

+Great taste, good for first timers of Turkish food

+Turkish bread delicious and free flow

-One of our items was totally different from the what we ordered

Overall ~ 7.0 (Good)

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