Bistro Hitsujiya Lamb Chops

I’ve been wanting to try Bistro Hitsujiya’s lamb chops and last weekend was the perfect time to give their affordable lunch sets a go.

Here’s my review.

Located at the second floor of a dingy building a short walk from JR Yoyogi station, Bistro Hitsujiya serves some incredible tasting lamb chops at an unbelievable price.

Expect to pay less than 1,000 yen for a main course, salad, soup, and free flow rice and naan.

You could even throw in dessert and you still would get back some change from your 1,000 yen note.

There are about 4 sets to choose from, so we went for the Lamb Chop with Kebab set and the Lamb chop with Samosa set.

The lambs were cooked perfectly, since I don’t like rare meat, so for those who prefer some blood on their meat, this may not be so much for you. For me though, the meat was really tender and juicy.

The kebab set gave you an extra piece of lamb, but I felt the samosa was better taste wise. Filled with minced mutton and a raw egg, there’s a burst of flavour with each bite. The kebabs had a strong taste of spices that was a little too much for me.

The naan was really good as well, and you can either eat it by itself or make your own little kebab or lamb wrap. It’s amazing how something as simple as naan can taste so great when made correctly.

With an extra 140 yen, you could add on dessert consisting of baked banana with coconut ice cream and a uniquely flavoured coffee. The coffee is definitely worth a try, an extra 40 yen if you are opt not to have the banana. I’ve never tasted coffee like this before, and I can’t really describe the taste other than a strong taste of burnt caramel. If anyone knows please let me know what it is!

There’s really nothing much to complain about Bistro Hitsujiya. Some reviews mentioned about the small portions, but with free flow naan and rice, it’s unlikely you’ll walk away hungry.

What I really liked was not only the quality of the food, but also the affordable price. Service was impeccable, as I didn’t even have to ask for my naan to be refilled since the servers made sure they went around to do so. They were always smiling and ready to serve.

For some really amazing lamb chops at a low price, this is a place that no one should miss.

Bistro Hitsujiya

Japan, 〒151-0053 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi, 1 Chome−59−1, オーハシビルM 2F

Opening Hours: Daily 1130am – 1130pm

+Incredible lamb chops

+Warm and tasty naan that is free flow

+Samosa was crispy and flavours were delightful

+Amazing coffee

+Terrific service

-Wished I had the option to pay extra for an additional lamb chop

Overall ~ 8.5 (Excellent)

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