Fruit Picking in Tokyo

Peach Picking Tokyo 1

One of the best things to do in Tokyo in summer is fruit picking. Yamanashi prefecture is known as the “King of Fruits”, and a short drive away from the city centre so I made a trip to do peach picking, available for only a short period of time during the year.

Finding the right place for fruit picking in Japan can be quite tricky, since 1) you usually have to make a reservation 2) most of them do not speak English 3) there is lack of proper information available. Fortunately, the official Yamanashi travel guide has a decent website in English. It was there where I found Nakagomi Fruit Farm, which has a comprehensive website. Its owner, Kazu-san, could communicate well in English. Email replies were prompt, and I could secure my reservation to do peach picking for the first time in my life!

It took about a 2 hour drive from my home in Yoyogi to arrive at Nakagomi Orchards. For the fruit picking fee (varies depending on the kind of fruit you pick), I paid 1,500 yen for an hour of peach picking, unlimited all you can eat. There are other packages like 3,000 yen for unlimited time all you can eat, and others if you want to bring home some. Personally I thought the 1,500 yen package was sufficient.

Peach picking tokyo 2

The peaches were plump and juicy, and for most part sweet and fresh. You couldn’t really know but hope that whatever you plucked off the tree would be the finest.

Peach picking tokyo 3.JPG

What I liked about Nakagomi Orchards was that the communication was easy, and the staff were really friendly and kind even though they did not speak much English. I was really touched by their warmth shown to me on that day.

Besides peaches, there were cherries available for picking too, though I did not try it.

Along the way, you’ll encounter many fruit farms like apples, grapes, peaches, persimmons, pears (depending on season of course).

Grape picking tokyo

If you like fruit picking and an avid fruit lover, I highly recommend this short and easy drive to Yamanashi area. Besides fruits, there are also several things to do in this beautiful area.

I’ve shared my complete 2D1N Yamanashi itinerary below, drop me a comment anytime especially if you enjoyed this post!

Nakagomi Orchards

2281-1 Iino, Minami Alps-shi, Yamanashi-ken 400-0222

Open daily 9am – 5pm (reservations only for fruit picking)

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