A happy pancake in Tokyo (Shiawase no pancake)

a happy pancake 1

Shiawase no pancake, or a happy pancake, is arguably Japan’s most famous Japanese souffle pancake. Unlike typical pancakes, these are fluffy and moist, and highly satisfying even to those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

The term “Shiawase” means “happy” in Japanese, and certainly the pancakes here is more than likely to leave you feeling that way. Their pancakes are super fluffy, because of the unique airy meringue batter used.

In Tokyo and Osaka, Shiawase no pancake has several outlets, so you won’t have difficulty finding one. However, the more popular outlets can have a long wait of more than an hour, so if you aren’t the kind that enjoy queuing up for food, I would suggest either going right before they open, or to the ones that are a little more out of the way.

In my first visit at the Omotesando outlet, I waited for an hour. On my second visit, I happened to encounter a relatively empty outlet while I was visiting Yokohama, so in I went!

The menu itself isn’t huge, with both sweet and savory options, though I would recommend the sweet option. For first timers, I recommend with the original or the chocolate version.

shiawase no pancake 1.JPG

The original version comes with a scoop of ice cream, and delicious maple syrup.

a happy pancake 2

The hazelnut, decadent chocolate sauce generously drizzled over the fluffy pancakes will delight any chocolate lover for sure! This was my personal favorite.

For those who prefer a healthier choice (if pancakes are even healthy in the first place), they also have an all-fruits option.

a happy pancake 3

Expect to spend more than 1,000 yen per person, excluding drinks.

There are several other pancake houses in Japan like gram and Flippers, serving fluffy, souffle pancakes, but I think Shiawase no pancake ranks as one of the best ones around. You should not miss it if you are in Japan!

Shiawase no pancake (a happy pancake)



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