29 funny translation fails

funny english signs in japan 5.JPG

Having lived in Japan for more than a year now, I’ve been exposed to a fair amount of some of the funniest, and outrageously bad Japanese to English translations. In this post I’ll share 29 of the most hilarious ones I have encountered!

1) Taco Bell’s campaign against basket throwing

Funny translation 5.JPG

2) Room slippers that make me uncomfortable

Funny translation 4.JPG

3) Self-paying products available

funny translation fails 2.JPG

4) A very generous buffetbad japanese to english 1.JPG

5) No public milking allowed

funniest translation fails 1.JPG

6) Never knew tea time could be so nice

Japanese English 2.JPG

7) Not sure which is worst – that the food is drunk or it is bad?

funniest translation fails 9.jpg

8) The most dangerous steam ever

funny translation fails 1.JPG

9) Domestic violence at its worst

funny translation fails 4.jpg

10) Please clear up after the skewer has finished eating

funny english signs in japan 7.JPG

11) Precision baking 

funny translation fails 5.JPG

12) The water is safe to drink except it tastes awful

funniest translation fails 5.JPG

13) A heavily armed bowl of noodles

funniest translation fails 8.jpg

14) Please don’t take the gate for granted

funny english signs in japan 1.JPG

15) The stairs is not allowed to sit

funny english signs in japan 2.JPG

16) Eating and drinking not allowed, except we don’t know where

funny english signs in japan 3.JPG

17) I actually know someone like that

funny english signs in japan 4.JPG

18) This cash register flouted some rules and received its punishment

funny english signs in japan 5.JPG

19) Are they selling carp food or carp?

funny english signs in japan 6.JPG

20) You can forget something, but you can’t put anything behind you

funny english signs in japan 8.JPG

21) Somehow I prefer hard on

Funny English.JPG

22) Newest addition to the menu – edible airplanes

funny menu translations 1.JPG

23) Latest trends in the hotdog industry

Funny translation 1.JPG

24) A kooky bakery

Funny translation 2.JPG

25) So where is the tax-free?

Funny translation 3.JPG

26) A frail and fragile ice cream

funny translation fails 3.JPG

27) Salad hybrid

Funny translations 6.JPG

28) Soup taking care of its vegetables

Funny translations 7.JPG

29) Thai Restaurant that is just a front for some serious illegal activity

Japanese English 1.JPG


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